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Surf Leg Rope

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  • Finished material: TPU Polyurethane elasticity
  • hardness (Shore): 90 ± 2
  • Specific Gravity (g / cm3): 1.20
  • Ultimate Elongation (%):> 450
  • Tear Strength (N / mm):> 80
  • Rotating head material: copper or stainless steel # 304
  • Applicable people: adult
  • Color:Black/green/yellow
  • Size:10ft
  • When you wipe out, you can find your surfboard through it, and your board will not go back to the shore or hit other people.
  • Surfing the use of surfing rope is connected to the surfboard and the body of the connection rope, plays an important role in ensuring the safety of athletes.
  • Polyurethane elastomer made of high strength rope, good elasticity, soft, smooth.
  • The ends of the surf string are welded by injection molding, and the bond strength and appearance are better than glue.
  • The connection hardware is made of stainless steel and high quality copper, which can resist long-term corrosion of seawater. Use safe and comfortable.
  • According to the length of the board with the choice of the same or close to the. length of the rope can be, the diameter of the rope (thickness) to withstand 
  • External forces also affect the red waves should naturally be used with thick rope, small waves can choose fine Of the foot rope, otherwise it will cause 
  • Cumbersome, for example: the use of 8 feet long surfboard can be used with 8 feet long rope (the thickness changes due to the environment), 
  • The other is usually a double bearing (double swivels) better than a single bearing Not easy to entangled.

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